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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LOUD ADVERTISING -- Calm the inner spirit...

Only ___shopping days left until Christmas! Blah! Panic time! And now is the time to get inundated with commercials....
Do you get this a lot?….”Have you signed up for our rewards program?”

HOW many times have you heard that when you are out shopping? It seems that every store you walk into today wants you to sign up for their email coupons, special offers and discounts! The young man or woman behind the counter can never understand why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of being a “preferred customer”!! Yea, just what you need - yet another plastic card to carry around on your key chain, or worse, in your wallet. “Just 10 visits, (with a $50 purchase) and you’ll receive….”

I know we all like to feel special, and definitely want to get the best deal we can when we shop. But I sometimes feel so inundated with LOUD ADVERTISING that I want to go hide under the bed!

A few years ago I stopped watching the news on a daily basis. Horrors! My friends cannot understand how I can function without knowing what’s going on in the world! Well, guess what? I find out the important things anyway. Either through facebook, seeing and talking to people, etc.  I have tried to calm the outer chaos so as to calm the inner spirit. I have a friend who refuses to get an email account. If you want to talk to her, or send her a message, you have to text her, or call her. I used to think she was nuts (and you know she won’t be reading this!) but I really think she is onto something. Yea, she doesn’t get all the alerts on her accounts, nor is part of a forum, or get all the jokes forwarded or important messages from her business associates, or the accountant, etc. But she also doesn’t get the SPECIAL DEALS that are offered TODAY ONLY at Macy’s…..hmmm…less chance of spending money needlessly??? Less junk piling up in her head???

What can you do to calm the inner spirit?
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Turn off the computer.
  • Turn on some good music.
  •  Choose what comes into your life.
  •  Go outside. Sit on the porch; go for a walk (without the iPod).
  •  Sit on the floor, close your eyes, meditate.
  • Read a good book.
  • Spend time with real people (facebook doesn’t count!) Join a group that nourishes your soul.(Book group, spiritual group, creative group, dance group)
  • Eat from your local farmers’ bounty rather than the pre-packaged stuff.
  • When your body and mind are nourished, your spirit will feel better too.

AND…speaking of special offers…
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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Plastic Brain

When I was in my early thirties, I was diagnosed with a lung disease. The lung disease is called Sarcoidosis, and after my pneumonia went away, I was left with asthma. The asthma slowly got better over the years with the help of positive thought, diet (including high quality supplements) and exercise. I was one of the lucky ones - the disease never progressed or migrated into my eyes, liver or other organs.
What was scary at the time of diagnosis was the possibility that it could be lung cancer, something far worse; and 20 years ago, the prognosis for that was grim.

I had 2 little ones at the time; I was scared that I wouldn’t live to see them grow up. I don’t like to think about all this now, because it happened so long ago.

I did as much research as I could find on the disease at the library, combing medical journals (remember, the internet didn’t exist 20 years ago, computers were not mainstream and there was no such thing as Google). One of the things I searched for was anything I could do to get on the path to healing. I came across a book by Norman Cousins called  Head First- the Biology of Hope and the Healing Power of the Human Spirit.
The book was brand new at the time, and I gobbled up the scientific breakthrough that the mind and the body are connected, that one could help oneself in the healing process with laughter and positive thinking. Today, it seems silly that we once believed what we thought had no effect on our bodies!

Did you ever think you had control over you’re your brain? I know you probably know you can control what you think about - we’ve all done that. But actually, there is even more evidence that we can actually rewire our brains to perform functions we thought impossible.

You probably know that during a child’s early development, there is a critical stage of learning that makes is easy for them to learn at a rapid pace. Many people thought that once this stage had passed, there was nothing that could be done to rewire certain aspects. That has proven to be wrong -- there is a lot that can be done; studies have shown with the right kind of mental exercises, kids with learning disabilities can have a profound effect on their brain wiring. (the program is called Fast ForWord).  Studies have also shown that stroke victims can make huge steps in recovery with the right kind of exercises (physical and mental) that were never thought possible. Even patients who had a stroke years before can rewire their brains using the right treatment, and make significant improvements.

Our brains are amazing. We need to keep learning into middle age, so that the neurons don’t die off. See for exercises.
 I used to think that psychotherapists were just for “talking through your problems” . Not so -- the right kind of therapist can actually help a patient rewire his/her brain to “unlearn” the undesirable event, problem, action; and “relearn” or turn on genes in our neurons that are desirable.

All this information can be found in the book The Brain that Changes Itself  by Norman Doidge, M.D.
Another interesting supplement has come out that also has some positive effects on the brain and the body. Lunasin -- it is the first dietary ingredient found that can actually turn good genes on, and bad genes off. Green Tea and Resveratrol (from red grapes/wine) and sulforaphanes from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are among other food nutrients that work at the epigenetic level. Want to learn more? Go to 

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Friday, August 16, 2013

365 Less Things

Compliments of Marrissa Joy Photography

As I sit inside writing on a summer day in Maine, I am looking around at the things that we have accumulated in our lifetime. My youngest just got married this summer; I realize that it's just the 2 of us now. After 29 years of marriage, raising 2 children, and moving only twice since tying the “knot” we have managed to fill our 4 bedroom house with lots of memories….and things….and stuff…and junk…

How did that happen? When the boys were young, we would get to the point that outgrown outfits, toys that weren’t being played with, and old school papers needed to be purged. Usually it would happen when we started going through last year’s school clothes and realized that most of them didn’t fit anymore. Why they grow more in the summer, is beyond me!

The purging took place with a resignation on my children’s part, that they wouldn’t be allowed to go outside and play until it was done. I’m not sure whether they felt a sense of accomplishment or not, but I sure did.

But as good as I was at keeping their rooms updated and cleaned out, I can’t say that all areas in the house received the same kind of attention. Over the years I have redecorated, (which means I have things that don’t go with the new d├ęcor); have been given unwanted gifts I don’t dare throw away, gained weight, lost weight, (hence, a closet full of clothes) collected books, craft projects, well, you get the picture.

Finally, it is time to start simplifying. It is a daunting task. Then I am reminded of what a friend told me when we were selling our first house and moving across the country… ”how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time..” I didn’t understand what she meant until later. How do you begin a huge task? Break it into small pieces. Sometimes beginning is the hardest part.

So if you’re feeling the need to de-clutter, purge, organize, simplify and don’t know where to begin; or if you are hanging on to things “just in case” I might need that “someday”…’s a good place to start.

Check out Colleen's blog She lives in Australia.

And happy de-cluttering!!

Oh, and if you're looking for something to de-clutter your brain, check out 24K -- it has recently been awarded a US GOVT patent, which means there is NOTHING like it on the market! Energy, mental clarity and focus.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

How do you eat an elephant? ONE BITE AT A TIME!!

Do you ever feel like some projects are so overwhelming, so big or even frightening, that you get paralyzed before you even start? I have seen this happen in my business with people who say they want to build a business but never leave the starting gate; I’ve also seen this happen with individuals who want to be more active but don’t know where to start.
I started riding a bicycle again. It wasn’t really my idea; I inherited a bike from my younger son who, after college graduation, didn’t want it anymore. Then a friend encouraged me to go on rides with her. Yikes! Really? I wasn’t even sure how I felt about getting on the bike, let alone riding it for more than a few minutes. But last year, little by little, I started feeling more comfortable with it.
This year, when I got the bike out again, I didn’t know if I would have the strength and cardiovascular endurance to get to the top of our road! Now, if you live on or near me, you know what kind of road it is, so I’m not being a wimp. The road is a mile long and is a gradual incline the entire way -- no flat area to coast, no rest, just continuous peddling.
At first, I thought, no way. I won’t make it. My goal was a 6 mile round trip to and from Pineland, with a workout in between. The first day I got up the road without stopping, but had to walk up one of the other bigger hills to get to Pineland. But here’s the thing; even if I have to walk that hill several times, by the end of summer, I will bet that I can get up that hill without having to walk.

This is called, one step at a time. One bite at a time. The slight edge. It’s not that you can’t do it. It means that you may have to take it a little bit at a time. Whatever your goal -- whether it’s a business goal, a financial goal, a fitness goal; they all start with one step. Too many times I think we expect instant success! The big break! The lottery! The million dollar client! The six pack abs. Tomorrow! Life isn’t really like that. Most of us have choices everyday that will take us forward towards our goals, or backwards into mediocrity. Every little decision that seems insignificant TODAY, is not insignificant over time. Do the little things every day, and they will add up to big rewards. A good book to read is “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson.

And if you see a hippy woman riding a bike, give her lots of space as you pass her!! (she wobbles sometimes)…

The woman in the picture isn't me, but it is a fellow rider of a friend who is on the BIG RIDE -- a trek across America 3300 miles!!  To check out his blog, go to

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is Diet Soda bad for you?

I have a friend; When we go out to eat, she orders a salad and a diet coke. Every time. She is heavier than I am, so I began to wonder…is the diet soda really doing her any good? Now, when I was younger, I loved cola. I was addicted to it. And no, I never made the switch to diet drinks. Although over the years I tried to get used to them, I always hated that aftertaste. As the years went by, and I did more research on sugar and carbonated beverages, I realized that soda (or pop if you’re from the Midwest) is not only NOT good for my waistline, it was doing a lot more harm than I had realized. It was setting me up for osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney disease and other nasty things. I have since given up soda altogether but, I always wondered about my friend. Was diet soda just as bad? Or not?

It’s zero calories, zero sugar. How can that be bad? If I’m not consuming calories, it seems that it shouldn’t affect my weight. Our bodies are more complex than a simple calorie in, calories out formula. I didn’t find definitive reasons for the fat diet soda drinker. Dr. Weil’s opinion is that if the brain is getting a message that sweet calories are coming and they don’t arrive, the void may set you up for cravings that ultimately lead to consuming more calories.
Quite frankly, eating or drinking anything artificial is just going to do damage to your body. Studies have linked diet soda drinkers to greater risk of diabetes, stroke, heart attack and decline in kidney function.

I have another friend that gave up her diet soda and lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Now, that would motivate me!

Bottom line is this: Soda in general can do more harm than good. Switch to green tea (you’ll get your caffeine) and it’s good for you. Little changes can add up to big rewards in our life. In the book, “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, he explains that what you do today is not going to make a difference. But do that same thing over time, and it will move you toward better health (or better finances, etc). Think about 5 years worth of drinking green tea vs. drinking soda….now THAT’S a big difference!

For another alternative, take a look at Reliv’s Innergize - a sports drink that not only delivers the hydration and electrolytes, but also has antioxidants that protect the cell membranes against damage including the skin from environmental stress. It has ingredients that support the immune system. I have had fewer colds since starting on Innergize! To order go to and use code: myshot

Friday, April 19, 2013

The test of a people is what they can do when they're tired.” ― Winston Churchill ...


 Most of us have had times in our lives where sleep has eluded us...but what do you do if it's an ongoing issue? Did you know that most of us just don't get the sleep we need?

Let's back up for a minute and talk about why sleep is so important. I heard someone once say, "Sleep? Who needs it? I can sleep when I'm dead! I have stuff to do!!" Well, it made me laugh but quite frankly, it's no laughing matter.
Sleep is essential - a lot goes on at the cellular level during sleep to ensure that we can live another day. Sleep allows your body to repair itself. It keeps us sharp, creative and able to process information. Cutting edge science now shows how critical sleep is to our ability to stay focused, learn new and remember old things, lose fat and keep excess weight off.[1]
Let's explore what happens without proper sleep: Cortisol levels don't drop, human growth hormone doesn't rise, the endocrine system goes haywire, appetite and fat storing hormones run amok, which results in:

  1. loss of muscle strength
  2. less ability to fight off infections
  3. inability to lose or maintain weight
  4. less skin elasticity
  5. memory loss
  6. inability to learn new things.   
  7.  hypertension
  8.  cardiovascular disease
  9.  depression
  10. physical illness

If that list doesn't have you running for the bedroom or the couch, then I don't know what will! So what can you do if you are trying to sleep and just can't? Here are some tips:

  1. Get on a regular Schedule -- go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time, even on the weekends!
  2. Unplug - avoid stimulating activities at least 30 - 60 minutes before bedtime. Turn off the TV (those dramas can stimulate your adrenaline) the computer, phone, etc. No cleaning, work etc
  3. Cut the caffeine - at least 8 hours before bed. Caffeine has a residual effect that lasts that long. If you can't give up the afternoon boost, then switch to something a little milder, like tea instead of coffee.
  4. Exercise -- regular exercise will help promote sleep. However, some people find exercise less than 3 hours before bed too stimulating. You may have to switch your routine to earlier in the day.
  5. Limit Alcohol - a drink in the evening may sound like a good idea, because it is relaxing; however, it can raise your cortisol levels and you may find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night. You might want to try cutting it out and see if it makes a difference in your quality of sleep.
  6. Eating right before bed - is not a good idea. Some people feel that they will get hungry in the middle of the night. But food provides energy that runs counter to prepping your body for rest. Herbal tea, coconut water or plain water requires no extra digestive work. If you must, eat your snack earlier in the evening.
  7. Aromatherapy and Sleep aids - I am not a big advocate of sleep aids. However, if sleep is a big issue, talk to your doctor. Many prescriptions are psychologically addicting and can prevent you from obtaining the deep sleep cycle, leaving you groggy in the morning. An alternative would be to try herbal supplements such as Valerian or Melatonin. Aromatherapy such as a spray of lavender, rose, vanilla or lemongrass on your pillow may help. Different scents have different effects on people, so you will have to experiment. Scented lotions are also an alternative.
  8. Make a Worry List - sometimes our minds just won't turn off, even though our bodies are exhausted. If bedtime is the first time in the day that you have complete silence, then your brain may want to go over all the things you didn't have time to think about. Making a list of things to do the next day, or items that worry you, may help you put them aside so you can rest. Things that are manageable during the day may seem overwhelming at night.
  9. Create a Sanctuary - your bedroom should be restful refuge. Some of the things that should NOT be in the bedroom are; TVs, exercise equipment, desk or office stuff, computer, phone. Even clutter can be a detriment to your rest.
  10. General Nutrition - if your diet is high in sugar (High glycemic index) and low in fiber and protein, your cortisol levels are higher throughout the day and into the night, which will result in a disruption in REM sleep. Starting the day with a low glycemic food such as eggs, meat, poultry or fish will help keep cortisol on its normal track.[2] Also, research has shown that people who take optimal levels of B vitamins early in the day, may sleep better at night. 
For supplements that can help the sleep issue, take a look at Reversage and 24K - both have ingredients that can help your body get to a better place and promote sleep. To order: go to and use the RCN 7291976801 

And one more thing - If there is too much negative energy in your life - these are going to surface at night. This may include profound problems like work issues, body image issues, feeling of inadequacy, worries about aging parents, money, children, health concerns, etc. Stress management may be something you need to find out more about. For now, try to follow up negative talk with positive self talk.[3]

1] Excerpt from the book Mom Energy; A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged by Ashley Koff, R.D.
[2] For more information on eating see "Eat Your Way to Better Sleep" by Pauline Harding, M.D.
[3] For more information on stress management see Mom Energy; A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged by Ashley Koff, R.D.

Wow...spring is here! There is a definite change in the atmosphere; some of the early plants are up, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses. One of the feelings that come up this time of year is a sense of urgency....of wanting to get myself organized, wanting all the indoor projects done so that we can focus on the outdoors in the coming months. How are you feeling? Leave your comments below.

The Old Port, Portland, Maine

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Actions to Balance Life

What does having balance in life mean? What does it mean to you?

Finding Life’s Balance has always been a constant in my life. Depending on what stage of my life I’m in (new wife, new job, children, empty nester, etc.) there are adjustments that have to be made. When I’m not “in balance” then I try to figure out what can be done. Let’s explore the 3 areas that need attention.

Mind - are you challenging yourself? Do you have a purpose or passion? Do you have a job that keeps you on your toes? Or are you just trudging through the day? What can you do to change the situation? Sometimes we feel trapped in our situation; whether it’s a bad job, bad boss, long hours, unchallenging work, or boredom. Think outside the box. Write down your thoughts. Talk to someone you trust. Talk to a life coach or a therapist, if you feel stuck.

Body - are you taking care of yourself? Do you feel sluggish, stressed, tired? Eating healthier can have a huge impact on how we perceive the world, and how well we handle things. Get rid of the sugar. Take a high quality supplement. Are you sleeping enough? There are SO many side effects of not sleeping, that is a whole other article. Are you moving? If you don’t have an active job, then take time to move; walk, run, dance, take a class, swim, bike, something. Lift weights. Stretch.

Spirit - This can mean different things. I do believe that having an inner calmness and spiritual life enriches the soul. Community and feeling connected are very important. With the changes in families and technology, community has become an “option”. We used to be more connected face to face with others than we are now. It’s literally possible to go through a whole week without seeing another human. Facebook doesn’t count! Text msgs, social media, webinars, online shopping have all replaced our need for other humans. Unfortunately, this can translate into feelings of depression, feeling alone, unimportant. Ways to re-connect: church, classes, book groups,

10 things that balance life:              

1. Finding a purpose or passion         

2. Challenge your mind                       

3. Move that body                               

4. Get enough quality sleep                

5. Cultivate friendships/relationships  

6. Connect with community                 

7. Have some quiet time                     

8. Connect with your spiritual side      

9. Contribute to helping others             

10. Have some fun!                                

When I am “in balance” then I feel my best. I am taking care of myself, I am helping others, and I have a purpose in life. I can get thrown off balance by things that happen in my life, some are not in my control.
 A sick parent? An ill child? A job loss? A relationship issue? Many of these can make us feel out of control. If you are in the middle of something like that, just do the best you can to adjust and know that whatever “it” is, will work itself out no matter how much worrying you do. I am not trying to minimize the trials and tribulations of our lives; I’m just pointing out that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I am probably preaching to the choir as the old saying goes about balancing life. If you are reading this, my guess is that you are already aware of the balancing act. My husband is one of those whose life is out of balance, and he doesn’t even realize it. He works, works, works, and has little time to connect with others and play, or plan for the future. What can we do for our loved ones whose lives are out of balance? I make sure that he and I get out of the house and go dancing or do something fun once a week. I also make sure we take a vacation once a year. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear them! Post below!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

LunaRich X

Dated: 12 January,2013

Announcing LunaRich X

LunaRich X™ has arrived! LunaRich X is the most pure, concen­trated form of lunasin ever produced — more than 200 times the lunasin potency of high quality soy protein.
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LunaRich X marks the culmination of an extensive research and development process that began with the discovery of the lunasin peptide in 1996. Lunasin is now one of the most heavily researched and scientifically supported nutritional compounds available today.
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