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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sugar, Dominoes and Temptation

EVERYWHERE I go, there are temptations: the discount store chocolate, checkout… candy, the craft store…candy! I am a recovering sugar-aholic. I had  so much fun at Christmas, eating everything I wanted; pies, cookies, candy, you  name it. Now, I am back to my usual way of eating which includes lean protein, vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Oh, I know that sounds boring, but I really do know how to make some very tasty dishes. However, I sure miss the twizzlers, m&ms, jelly beans and chocolate kisses. Seriously, I wish I could eat them with reckless abandon. Even if watching my weight were not an issue, I know that too much sugar is not good for me. Sugar is necessary for our bodies to function, as is fat and protein. However, too much simple sugar can cause a domino effect in your body. I’m not talking about the piece of birthday cake you had at your son’s party; but what if this is a normal everyday occurrence? Your body goes into fight or flight mode because it is under stress. Your immune system is compromised, making you more susceptible to colds, (and possibly other diseases). You produce more insulin than necessary. Which will cause 2 things: your body will store the extra glucose (sugar) as fat, and you may become insulin resistant. Dominoes…insulin resistance can lead to diabetes. Yikes.

SO…as hard as it is for me to pass up that candy, I figure it would be even worse to deal with the other consequences. Hence, as I sigh and walk past all the pretty packages, I am reminded that I am feeling much better now than I did in December. And I’m 5 pounds thinner.