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Friday, June 8, 2012

I don't want to exercise!!

I don't want to exercise because....
I hate to sweat
It takes up too much time (because when I sweat, I need a shower)
It's hard!
It hurts - why would I want to feel my muscles work and ache?
I end up missing out on a favorite TV show
What's the big deal? Our ancestors didn't "run" or go to a "fitness class"!!!

Ok, well you probably know where I'm headed with this one. I am one that could easily skip exercise. I don't. I have conditioned my mind and body to expect it. I don't give myself enough time to talk myself out of it. I certainly would rather sit around with the extra cup of coffee in the morning. (or if you work, go straight home and actually have time for a glass of wine before dinner).

Yep, I know how you feel. Let me give you some reasons why you should move: (and by the way, our ancestors worked physically demanding jobs and chores, even in the home so they got their exercise!)

It decreases your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes.
It decreases stress.
It actually makes you feel better (in the long run)
You will probably sleep better.
If you are exercising, you'll probably tend to eat better just because you have to put on those tight little leggings and go to class.
You'll live longer and probably need less medical care and medications.
You'll look better!
You will feel more energized!
You are less likely to get sick.
You will recover quicker from surgery and illnesses.
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
Better mental (cognitive) function (no brain fog)
You will make friends!
You will feel more confident.

There are more reasons TO exercise than get out there and DO SOMETHING!! PS -- If you have arthritis, diabetes, asthma or something else going on....check with your doctor, but every little bit will help move you forward to a better place. I had sarcoidosis which left me with asthma, and I won't let it slow me down.
Happy Exercising!