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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LOUD ADVERTISING -- Calm the inner spirit...

Only ___shopping days left until Christmas! Blah! Panic time! And now is the time to get inundated with commercials....
Do you get this a lot?….”Have you signed up for our rewards program?”

HOW many times have you heard that when you are out shopping? It seems that every store you walk into today wants you to sign up for their email coupons, special offers and discounts! The young man or woman behind the counter can never understand why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of being a “preferred customer”!! Yea, just what you need - yet another plastic card to carry around on your key chain, or worse, in your wallet. “Just 10 visits, (with a $50 purchase) and you’ll receive….”

I know we all like to feel special, and definitely want to get the best deal we can when we shop. But I sometimes feel so inundated with LOUD ADVERTISING that I want to go hide under the bed!

A few years ago I stopped watching the news on a daily basis. Horrors! My friends cannot understand how I can function without knowing what’s going on in the world! Well, guess what? I find out the important things anyway. Either through facebook, seeing and talking to people, etc.  I have tried to calm the outer chaos so as to calm the inner spirit. I have a friend who refuses to get an email account. If you want to talk to her, or send her a message, you have to text her, or call her. I used to think she was nuts (and you know she won’t be reading this!) but I really think she is onto something. Yea, she doesn’t get all the alerts on her accounts, nor is part of a forum, or get all the jokes forwarded or important messages from her business associates, or the accountant, etc. But she also doesn’t get the SPECIAL DEALS that are offered TODAY ONLY at Macy’s…..hmmm…less chance of spending money needlessly??? Less junk piling up in her head???

What can you do to calm the inner spirit?
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Turn off the computer.
  • Turn on some good music.
  •  Choose what comes into your life.
  •  Go outside. Sit on the porch; go for a walk (without the iPod).
  •  Sit on the floor, close your eyes, meditate.
  • Read a good book.
  • Spend time with real people (facebook doesn’t count!) Join a group that nourishes your soul.(Book group, spiritual group, creative group, dance group)
  • Eat from your local farmers’ bounty rather than the pre-packaged stuff.
  • When your body and mind are nourished, your spirit will feel better too.

AND…speaking of special offers…
Help nourish your body and keep it healthy this winter. Save 20% on your first order of Reliv products. I won’t shout, but there it is….

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