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Sunday, October 28, 2012

For Women Only

WHERE does the time GO? It seems the older I get, the faster it goes. I have heard my mom say this before, but I never paid her any mind. I have had a busy, wonderful summer, and here we are getting into the holiday season already. As we get into the winter months, our moods can take a downward turn. Some women feel this more than others but I thought we'd tackle the ups and downs of hormones...

In the Red Zone

As women we know that fluctuating hormones are a fact of life throughout our lives – wreaking havoc on our moods as we battle challenges from PMS to menopause.  Beyond the inconveniences, there are deeper issues afoot.  Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women?  Heart attacks alone kill 200,000 women a year  – five times the rate of deaths due to breast cancer.  As our hormones decline, our risks of heart disease increases.  Look to some key nutrients and lifestyle improvements to protect your heart.

Key Players

  • Protykin – antioxidant and cardio-protectant helps to reduce hot flashes, balance mood swings, improve bone density and promote cardiovascular health.
  • Grape Seed Extract & CoQ10 – protect cells from free radical damage, supports the immune system and protects heart heath.
  • Calcium – essential mineral that reduces bone loss, strengthens bones and may help improve cholesterol levels.
  • Vitamin E – helps boost immunity, reduce heart disease and promote proper function of nerves and muscles.
  • Soy Isoflavones – help alleviate common menopause symptoms, promote healthy cholesterol, maintain normal blood sugar and promote bone health.
  • LunaRichTM  which contains 5-10 times the amount of bioactive lunasin found in ordinary soy powders. (See bottom of article for product resources).
  • Herbs – look for herbs like black cohosh, chasteberry, dong quai, and green tea extract to name a few that promote overall wellness and help combat symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Calcium Killers

As women’s hormones decline which can begin as early as our 30’s, the rate of osteoporosis (thinning of bone tissue) increases.  While I always thought it was a lack of calcium in our diets (women should get 1,200mg of calcium daily), I was surprised to find that our lifestyles and diets can cause us to lose calcium from “calcium wasters.”  Listen up, guys, this info is for you too.
  • Animal Protein – A diet with a high ratio of animal protein to veggie protein can increase bone loss and risk of fracture. Look for protein sources like beans, soy, grains and vegetables.
  • Sodium – the greater your salt intake the more calcium is lost through the kidneys. Keep your sodium intake below 2,000mg per day.
  • Caffeine – a mild diuretic that can again cause calcium loss through the kidneys. Keep your intake as low as possible as levels over 300mg can accelerate bone loss.
  • Tobacco – just quit smoking, period!  Even second hand smoke interferes with calcium absorption.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle – if you’re inactive you are at a higher risk for bone fractures.  Opt for at least 30 minutes a day of weight-bearing exercise and be sure to include strength training to maintain healthy bone mass.

Protecting the “Girls”

While heart disease is the number one killer of women, cancer is next in line and for women breast and gynecological cancers top the list.  Enrich your diet with vital nutrients to protect breasts and beyond.
  • Fiber – helps remove toxic compounds and carcinogens. Get the best protective benefits with at least 30 grams per day of multi-source fiber.
  • Soy -  wide ranging studies and evidence conclude that “regular moderate consumption of soy foods lowers the incident of breast cancer and may lower the risk of dying from breast cancer.” (JAMA, Journal of Nutrition, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)  Be sure to get a minimum of 11 grams of healthy soy per day.
  • Vitamin D – regulates cell growth, cell death and other cellular mechanisms which may play a role in cancer development.  As a result of studies showing a 30% decrease in breast cancers among women who had higher levels of vitamin D, a recommended intake is between 1,200-2,000UI per day.
  • Green Tea – with antioxidant and anti cancer properties in its flavonoids, green tea has been shown to inhibit breast cancer cell growth and increase our immune systems.  Go for 1-4 cups per day.
While there are some areas of our life we can't control, we, as women, can make the right call when it comes to our hormonal health.  A few changes in diet and lifestyle can promote hormonal balance, reduce our risk of disease and result in a winning record for women in every season of our lives.
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Authors: Julie Waterman and Chris Toriello

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