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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Actions to Balance Life

What does having balance in life mean? What does it mean to you?

Finding Life’s Balance has always been a constant in my life. Depending on what stage of my life I’m in (new wife, new job, children, empty nester, etc.) there are adjustments that have to be made. When I’m not “in balance” then I try to figure out what can be done. Let’s explore the 3 areas that need attention.

Mind - are you challenging yourself? Do you have a purpose or passion? Do you have a job that keeps you on your toes? Or are you just trudging through the day? What can you do to change the situation? Sometimes we feel trapped in our situation; whether it’s a bad job, bad boss, long hours, unchallenging work, or boredom. Think outside the box. Write down your thoughts. Talk to someone you trust. Talk to a life coach or a therapist, if you feel stuck.

Body - are you taking care of yourself? Do you feel sluggish, stressed, tired? Eating healthier can have a huge impact on how we perceive the world, and how well we handle things. Get rid of the sugar. Take a high quality supplement. Are you sleeping enough? There are SO many side effects of not sleeping, that is a whole other article. Are you moving? If you don’t have an active job, then take time to move; walk, run, dance, take a class, swim, bike, something. Lift weights. Stretch.

Spirit - This can mean different things. I do believe that having an inner calmness and spiritual life enriches the soul. Community and feeling connected are very important. With the changes in families and technology, community has become an “option”. We used to be more connected face to face with others than we are now. It’s literally possible to go through a whole week without seeing another human. Facebook doesn’t count! Text msgs, social media, webinars, online shopping have all replaced our need for other humans. Unfortunately, this can translate into feelings of depression, feeling alone, unimportant. Ways to re-connect: church, classes, book groups,

10 things that balance life:              

1. Finding a purpose or passion         

2. Challenge your mind                       

3. Move that body                               

4. Get enough quality sleep                

5. Cultivate friendships/relationships  

6. Connect with community                 

7. Have some quiet time                     

8. Connect with your spiritual side      

9. Contribute to helping others             

10. Have some fun!                                

When I am “in balance” then I feel my best. I am taking care of myself, I am helping others, and I have a purpose in life. I can get thrown off balance by things that happen in my life, some are not in my control.
 A sick parent? An ill child? A job loss? A relationship issue? Many of these can make us feel out of control. If you are in the middle of something like that, just do the best you can to adjust and know that whatever “it” is, will work itself out no matter how much worrying you do. I am not trying to minimize the trials and tribulations of our lives; I’m just pointing out that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I am probably preaching to the choir as the old saying goes about balancing life. If you are reading this, my guess is that you are already aware of the balancing act. My husband is one of those whose life is out of balance, and he doesn’t even realize it. He works, works, works, and has little time to connect with others and play, or plan for the future. What can we do for our loved ones whose lives are out of balance? I make sure that he and I get out of the house and go dancing or do something fun once a week. I also make sure we take a vacation once a year. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear them! Post below!


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