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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where do I start?

Five Islands in Georgetown, Maine
WHERE does the time go? What have you been doing this summer? I am one lucky gal, because I live in Maine and it is beautiful (when the sun decides to come out!)

I tend to be a little less scheduled in the summer, I don't teach exercise classes in the summer. Although everything else stays in place (my Reliv business and my art and wine parties) everything seems to be a little slower paced. I like the fact that we have distinct seasons.

I just wrote an article on my newsletter about starting to exercise. Although the middle of summer seems like a strange time to start, I have to be ready for September's classes. When do you start? Maybe you never stop? Maybe you slack off from time to time? Do you find it hard to start again? What are your personal victories? What are your challenges?

Here is a excerpt from my newsletter and a personal update below. Let me know if this helps you get revved up again, or what little changes you have made that works for you. Happy Summer!!

  1. Walk 10 minutes today, or find a YouTube video to inspire you.(I like If watching a video, don’t feel like you have to do everything they are doing! Once you are in the habit of doing something, it will be easier to make the workouts longer. And yes, you have to schedule it. Mornings are easiest for most people, that way you don't get sidetracked later (or get too tired!)
  2. Get up from your desk every hour and walk around the office or building a couple of times. (studies show that moving a little  throughout the day will help a lot)
  3. Fill a pitcher with water in the morning, and drink it all by 7:30 tonight. (if you work at an office, bring a plastic one with you and keep it on hand) Lose the soda and juice. Watch out for those 300 -400 calorie Starbucks! FYI - Even diet soda can prevent you from losing weight!
  4. Get off the couch every time there is a commercial. Netflix? Take a jumping jacks break. (you may feel silly at first, but your family will get used to it)

Change your eating habits. Ugh, I hate it when someone tells me what to eat! Here are some little tweaks that might help.

  1. Give up the French fries. If you need something else, then bring an apple or banana from home.
  2. Pack your lunch. Studies have shown that your own cooking is usually healthier and has less calories than a purchased lunch. Coworkers want to go out? Suggest a park instead. They can pick up their sandwiches, and you can eat your healthy one. Plus, you’ll be outside which is good for an attitude adjustment.
  3. This is interesting – eat lunch, then walk. Sumo wrestlers eat a big meal, then go take a nap. Why? They are trying to store as much fat as possible. Imagine—we eat lunch, then go back and sit down at our desks. Hmmm….how about eating a little early, then taking a walk at lunchtime?
  4. Cut down on sugar and bread. The best thing you can do is get back to basics – whole foods; vegetables, fruits, meats. Use a smaller dinner plate – meat, cooked vegetable and salad. Cut up fruit with a dollop of vanilla yogurt for dessert. Eat slowly and consciously.

Lastly, remember to love yourself for who you are. Your friends don’t care what your thighs or stomach looks like, they care about what’s inside. We are overly critical of ourselves. There are no standards for beauty. I found a fantastic website with FREE workouts. Most everything they offer is free or very little money. They actually offer recipes and 8 week plans for a few dollars, if you’re interested. This couple seems to have one agenda: to help all of us be our best selves!

Update: I have been doing some of the Fitness Blender videos for a few days now. I like the variety. It's been humbling to realize I need to start at lower levels or modify the upper levels. I am being kind to myself. But I am committed to doing something 5 -6 days a week. Everyday is not going to be "all-out". Some days should be "easier" days to give the body a chance to recover.
I would love to hear your feedback. What are you doing differently? If you are still in vacation mode, I understand. Keep this as a reference for when you are ready!